Restoration and Preservation

The main aim of the process of preservation is to prevent any adverse effects affecting the historical object which could destroy it.

Harmful factors are any factors that directly or indirectly damage the object mechanically, chemically, or organically. These adverse effects can also be caused by an aggressive environment.

Another qualitative level of care concerning collection items is their restoration. It is quite demanding intervention into the essence of individual objects and artefacts. In addition to preservation, a reconstruction of individual parts or almost entire objects and their components takes place during the process of restoration.

Missing fragments of the original are completely replaced or directly reconstructed. To do this, the original technological procedures are used. Traditional methods are represented, for example, by layers of lacquers, glazed surfaces, retouching, etc.

During these interventions, an effort should be made to restore the original aesthetic and functional meaning of the objects. Almost any elements that fall under the preservation of cultural heritage may require restoration. In cooperation with restorers and conservators, we provide and create, for example, faithful reproductions of rare artefacts, sculptures, documents, bindings, paintings and much more.