Promotion of Regions, Cities and Municipalities

We are very proud that we have the opportunity to participate in strengthening the reputation of major cultural entities in the Czech Republic. We actively promote exhibitions, cities, towns and landmarks.

In this field, one of the most popular and wanted services is the creation of reproductions, graphic sheets, views and maps related to specific places and events of individual regions. These are sold in collections, as separate sheets or in a mount. We have recently expanded our offer and now we provide reproductions of archival photographs of cities.

However, we also still offer popular classic souvenirs, such as T-shirts, bags or mugs with depictions of various events, places, competitions, etc.

Our regular customers include representatives of leading tourist sites from all over the Czech Republic, such as the Lobkowicz Palace or the Kroměříž Chateau with the Flower Garden.

Promotional items can be used to support tourism, but also as a representative gift suitable for business partners or other persons with whom contacts are being established, for example during foreign business trips.