We offer a wide range of highly specialized professional services. We provide digitalization of collections, we create faithful reproductions of paintings, facsimiles of documents with seals, graphics, cadastral maps, musical scores, bookbinding manuscripts and other artefacts of various ages, dimensions, value and varying degrees of damage.

In every step of our professional work, we use new technical and technological procedures, the development of which has been very dynamic in recent years. An integral part of the complexity of our services is the cooperation with renowned restorers and conservators who are mainly involved in the final completion of reproductions.

The advantage of the methods we use to create reproductions and facsimiles is a reasonable purchase price. Furthermore, they are not extremely demanding on specific conditions of the environment in which they will be kept. And last but not least, clients will appreciate the possibility of immediate repeatability of production. It is only a matter of days and the quality of craftsmanship is the same.