About us

Trinity-art has been involved in its activities since 2005. In this year the company was officially founded.

The company was founded in Olomouc and even nowadays it is still based in this beautiful town. It also has its background here – a modern digitization centre, which is located in the premises of the Regional Museum in Olomouc. However, thanks to its successful work, the company has crossed the borders of the region a long time ago. The main mission of our work is to support cultural heritage.

The Trinity-art professional team consists of a group of top graphics and DTP experts. They have more than 20 years of experience in this field and they use their experience every day. This allows us to adhere to high-quality standards when processing individual orders.

At the same time, we cooperate with other experts in the field of restoration and preservation. We place exactly the same high demands on our partners as we do on our own activities. Thanks to that, the work that we complete is truly professional.

In addition to the high-quality craftsmanship, Trinity-art also emphasizes flexibility, which is absolutely necessary in modern times. The range of services that we currently offer has no competition in the Czech Republic. Technologically, we are able to handle processing of books, creation of their reproductions, we provide complete exhibition design and digitization of collections.



Our work is appreciated not only by our clients, but also by experts. It attracted the attention of the commission of the prestigious national competition Gloria musaealis. By awarding the award, the expert jury praised the two-volume work called Karel z Lichtensteinu-Castelcorna (1624-1695), which deals with the life and work of the Bishop of Olomouc.

Similarly, in 2011, the Guide to Olomouc (Průvodce Olomoucí), which maps historical and modern monuments of this charming Moravian city, attracted the attention. The Award of Olomouc City (Cena města Olomouce) for the achievement of the year in the field of culture was awarded to our company in 2011.


Our Vision

The future ambitions of our studio are mainly based on modern technologies. In the future we would like to use them as intensively as we do now to preserve cultural heritage and we also plan to develop software that would help with management of digitized collections.

In our visions, the restorer is the one who revives the past by current means so that the future can draw from it. We believe that the historical value is irreplaceable and that history is a living organism that shapes us each and every day.

School with driveway

TRINITY ART is located in the second pavilion of the school.

Driveway to the second pavilion
Location in the second pavilion
Our digitization centre in the premises of the Regional Museum in Olomouc
Entrance to TRINITY ART
Scan Master with a certifice of suitability for cartometric scanning
Widetek for digitization of coins and other items
Photographic studio in the premises of the Regional Museum in Olomouc
Painting of Franz Joseph I inauguration

Installation of a facsimile of a painting depicting Franz Joseph I inauguration before a press conference at the Olomouc Town Hall

Facsimiles in the Čechy pod Kosířem Chateau
Work in the studio

Preparation of a painting.

Work in the studio

Stretching a canvas.

Printed item
Uničov Golden Treasure Exhibtion
Entrance to the company
A small sample of our work

When visiting our company, you can see a small sample of our work.When visiting our company, you can see a small sample of our work.